10 February 2013

In the Margins Committee Looking for Members

In the Margins Committee 
What is it? A group of Librarians under the umbrella of Library Services for Youth in Custody seeking out and highlighting books: preschool through adult fiction and non-fiction titles of high-interest appeal to boys or girls, ages 9-18 who may fit into one or all of the following categories:
  • multicultural (primarily African American and Latino)
  • from a street culture
  • in restrictive custody
  • reluctant readers
What does it do? The committee will select and review the best books of the year, specifically for the population listed above. Titles of interest may be unusual, possibly unreviewed, have multicultural characters, dealing with difficult situations including (but not limited to) street life, marginalized populations, crime, justice, war, violence, abuse, addiction, etc.

Blog featuring highlighted titles: YA Underground, a School Library Journal (SLJ) column will run reviews every other month or so through-out the year. Please see: http://www.slj.com/2013/01/books-media/collection-development/ya-underground-books-for-teens-you-might-have-missed/ for an example. 

The final list will be decided upon by this committee and also run in SLJ. Books will be put on the Library Services for Youth in Custody website. 

Committee membership and requirements:
  • research and nominate titles that are self, independently and small press published,
  • research and nominate titles of interest from all publishers 
  • provide written review of books, and read for special content for detention facilities
  • read all nominated titles
  • work with or do outreach to teens in custody and/or from street culture.
  • get feedback from at least 3-10 teens on each title
  • actively participate in email discussions
  • meet 4-6 times a year via video conferencing and/or in person
For more information, contact Amy Cheney at ajcheney@mac.com

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