29 August 2011

Guest Review for: Blinding Mirror (2010)

Halima, Shelley. 2010. Blinding Mirror. Livonia, MI: Indie Gypsy. Paperback | $10.99 US | ISBN-13: 978-0578018928 | 321 pages

Book Description
Blinding Mirror is a dark and sexy thriller about a woman, Olivia Valente, who leaves behind her abusive and dysfunctional home, poverty and her racial identity to find the riches she s always dreamed of. Once she attains it she will keep it by any means necessary even if it means murder. Her insatiable greed leads her back into the lives of her estranged twin daughters just as they are to receive a hefty inheritance. But all their lives will be changed forever as Olivia's true identity and misdeeds come to light.

Book Review
Shelly Halima's latest novel, Blinding Mirror, is 321 pages of sheer bliss. This book lives up to its title, because it holds up a mirror to American life. The multi ethnic and mixed raced characters are all trying to forge their place in the American landscape. This is the saga of Olivia Valente, a heroine that a reader will enjoy hating. One cannot help but admire Olivia's driving ambition to leave her abusive life and recreate a new and improved self. One of the ways Olivia does this is to bypass her true racial background. The legacy of her choices will affect every action in the book, thus impacting the lives her daughters for years to come.

I think the mark of a good book is a writer’s ability to make the reader understand why the characters do what they do. Halima has definitely mastered this technique in her work. I would highly recommend Shelley Halima’s work to any patron, especially those who would like a change from the usual fare offered by many of Halima's contemporaries.

~~ The guest reviewer for this post is Stacie Brisker, who is a librarian for the Cleveland (OH) Public Library system. Thank you Stacie. ~~

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