10 April 2011

Guest Review for: Thug Lovin' by Wahida Clark (2009)

Greetings All! This is a re-post from Say It Rah-shay's Book Review of Wahida Clark's Thug Lovin', Part 4 (2009). Reprinted with permission.

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Street Lit luminary Wahida Clark's fourth book, Thug Lovin',  of the Thug Love series was the first I had read. In this installment, Trae and Tasha have left the game headed to California where they hope to start a new life. Along the way shenanigans ensue and the game pulls them back in and tears them apart.

Although this urban fiction (Clark's words, per her website) is not my normal genre: when I chose Thug Lovin' I actually thought I was getting a novel about basketball players and their women. However, reading about Trae and Tasha's confused, action-packed relationship left me both wanting to read more of Wahida's books while at the same time, wanting to hide this book from my kid.

It's a pretty quick read. There were some characters that seemed to have been added on without being previously introduced or characters that had been briefly mentioned thrust from minor character status to a major role. 

Aside from navigating the characterizations, Thug Lovin' was a good read. I appreciated that the characters didn't invite any sympathy. Their actions were so over the top that I didn't worry about who, if any of them, had a happy ending. From this reading, I have gone back to read the other books in the series. I am curious to see where the story of these ladies and their men begins.

This book is definitely not for everyone. Graphic sex scenes had me blushing. But for my own personal library check out, I enjoyed it, and will read another.

Rachee Fagg is a Children's Librarian with the Delaware County (PA) Library System. Her award-winning blog, Say It Rah-Shay, features reviews of books for all ages as well as interesting and often humorous commentary on her love for life and crocheting. Rachee is also a member of the PAALA Librarian Book Club.

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StreetLiterature.com note: Look out for the 5th installment in the Thug Love series, Justify My Thug, due to drop, April 26, 2011.


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