03 April 2011

Guest Review for: Diary of a Young Girl (2010)

Book Review by Connie Farley

Mark Anthony's "Diary of a Young Girl" is a great book about a young woman coming to terms with all the harm she caused. Mark Anthony is an intense writer of novels such as "Dogism", "Lady's Night" and the ever popular "Streets of New York" series which is a collaboration with several writers such as Anthony Whyte, Shannon Holmes, and Erick Gray.

"Diary of a Young Girl' tells a story of a young girl who was dealt a bad hand at a very young age. A life of abuse led the protagonist, Shayla, to make bad choices. She worked in a strip club illegally. She was a little con-artist. Finally, her world came crashing down on her when she was raped and left for dead. Did she learn her lesson??? No!!!!! She falsely accused a man of rape.
Like other young people who have caused a lot of damage out of response from being damaged, Shayla ultimately decided to take responsibility for her life, and grow up. Like the notorious  Scarlett O'Hara, "I'll just think about that tomorrow," Shayla pulled herself up by her bootstraps leaving the past behind.  She went to college. She started a career. But sometimes the past has a funny way of knocking on your door when you least expect it. 
Mark Anthony has crafted a powerful novel about a damaged child causing great pain, and seeking a life of redemption, free from that pain. A highly recommended read for young adults, aged 16 and up, and adults. A good addition to public library and high school library collections.

~~ Connie Farley ~~ has been a reference technician for the St. Louis (MO) Public Library system for over a decade. She runs an Urban Lit book club, whose members hail from several African and Caribbean nations. Connie is also serving on the inaugural committee for the 2010 Street Lit Book Award. 

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