31 March 2013

Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond (Call for Submissions)


Forthcoming anthology gathers “tales from Afrofuturism and beyond”
Co-editors Bill Campbell and Edward Austin Hall are pleased to announce that their forthcoming anthology, Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond, has already attracted a diverse array of story submissions. Nonetheless, with the May 1 deadline looming for the end of the collection’s submissions phase, the editors hope to see yet more genre fiction by, for, and/or about persons of color.
Washington, D.C.-based Campbell, who initiated the project, describes its genesis and goals this way: “When we look up at the night sky, space is black as far as the eye can see. Yet when we read novels about it or watch something on TV or in the movie theater, it is white beyond all comprehension. With this collection, we hope to give space some much needed … color, shall we say (and other genres, of course).”

Hall, a longtime Atlantan, said of the acquisition process for Mothership, “We’ve been extraordinarily lucky. In just the last few days we accepted several stories, including ones from Nisi Shawl, Eden Robinson, and Junot Diaz. I can’t wait to see the stories yet to come, though, whether from practiced hands or exciting new talents.” 

More information about the project (including guidelines for submission) and the anthologists appears online: http://mothershipconnect.com/index.html
Hall and Campbell are available for interview via edwardahall@gmail.com and 404.755.7575 or muthaship1@gmail.com and 301.456.6439, respectively.

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