17 September 2012

Article: IceBerg Slim Documentary Debuts at Toronto Film Festival

The star and subject of new documentary "Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp"
(Toronto International Film Festival 2012)

The documentary film brings to life, the autobiographical novel of pioneering street lit author, Iceberg Slim (1918-1992), entitled: Pimp, The Story of My Life (originally published in 1969).

From the article:  
" "Iceberg Slim," which is also being sold for U.S. distribution, is a passion project through-and-through. Ice-T and Hinojosa spent years developing it, tracking down family members and shaping it into a story they felt would do justice to his legacy. 
The result is an excellent primer about the man born Robert Beck, who went from pimp to convict and then, with the help of his wife and co-writer, bestselling author with 1969's "Pimp: The Story of My Life." (Slim died in 1992; his books are not only still popular but they're studied with the rigor of a Ralph Ellison.) Through interviews with members of his family and others close to him, "Slim" teases out a portrait of a troubled soul and the way art can be used to redeem it. If there's a larger-than-life quality to the story it's only because Slim really lived that large."

This title should definitely be a staple in your library collection, as it is a defining classic in the street lit genre. It is readily available via all major book retailer and vendor outlets.

Wikipedia's article on Iceberg Slim is informative.

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