10 May 2012

Presentation: Street Literature in the 21st Century


Today, May 10, 2012, I presented a presentation entitled, "Street Literature in the 21st Century" at the Maryland Library Association's Annual Conference held in Ocean City, MD.

I am providing the presentation here to share with you.


  1. Thank you for the interesting post. It really arrested my attention.


  2. I enjoyed the presentation! I started getting into Street Literature for a presentation for the NJ MAC program and since then I am always looking for current research in the field. I read a lot of current street literature, but recently I started exploring more of the street literature written in the 70's. Authors like Donald Goines, Robert Beck" iceberg Slim". I did not look at how far back it went, so this presentation was very informative.

  3. Thank you Benjamin and Dee Dee for your comments; much appreciated!


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