02 April 2012

April 2012 Street Lit Releases

This month, April 2012, promises to be a busy time for street lit / urban fiction releases:

■4/1- Love and the Streets by Chyna Dahl

■4/1-Redbone(kindle edition) by T.Styles

■4/1 - Feeling the Heat by Brenda Jackson

■4/5- Boosters by Sabrina Eubanks

■4/6- A Gangsters Melody2 by Sean 

■4/10- The Da Vinci Street Code by George Sherman Hudson, Cole Hart and Sa'is 

■4/11- Who Do I Run To by Anna Black

■4/17-An Accidental Affair by Eric Jerome Dickey

■4/17-24 Karats by David Weaver, Leo Sullivan, and Blake Karrington

■4/17- Deranged 2 by Amanda Lee

■4/17-Pretty Bright 2 by Mimi Renee

■4/19- ? (Que) by Dutch

■4/24- White Lines 2: Sunny by Tracy Brown

■4/24- Dopeman 3: Diary of A Snitch by JaQuavis Coleman

■4/24- Natural Born Liar by Noire

■4/24- Reckless by Niobia Bryant, Tracy Brown, and Rax

■4/24- Alibi 2: Nard's Revenge by Teri Woods

■4/24- The Block by Treasure Hernandez

■4/24- Payback Ain't enough by Wahida Clark

■4/24-Welfare Grind by Kendall Banks

■4/24- Twisted by N'tyse

■4/26- Reigning Star by SHan

■4/27- Anything 4 Profit 2 by Justin Amen Floyd

■4/30- Dead Heads by VJ Gotastory

■4/30 No Ordinary Love by Elaine Allen

Thank you to author Treasure E. Blue for sharing this valuable list!

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