02 February 2012

SLBAM Committee Reconvenes to determine 2nd Street Lit Book Award Medal


Just want to give you a headsup that the Street Lit Book Award Medal (SLBAM) Committee has reconvened and is busy reading, researching and going through the nomination process to bestow the 2012 Street Lit Book Award Medal for street lit books published in 2011.

We also need YOUR help! If you have a title(s) that has been popular at your library, post a comment below and we will add the title for nomination consideration.

The categories this year are:

Non-Fiction / Biography (Adult)

Fiction (Adult)

Young adult fiction (YA)

Emerging Classic (to acknowledge previously published works that continue to be in popular demand by the reading public)

The awards for these categories are scheduled to be announced by March 15, 2012.

For last year's awards, see: http://www.streetliterature.com/2011/04/2011-street-lit-book-award-medal.html

SLBAM Committee Mission:
The Street Lit Book Award Medal Committee comprises of a group of professional librarians and library staffers who volunteer to serve on the committee for a 2-year period, from across the U.S. and beyond, if possible. These professionals invariably work on the front lines of librarianship and work with Street Lit and its readers in public, school, and academic libraries. The Committee collects, researches, discusses, and nominates titles based on library patron popularity, book club interest, and overall reception of the story as a valuable addition to the Street Literature genre. Three rounds of nominations results in winners for the previous year's publications.

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