09 November 2011

Behind the Scenes of Street Lit Success: Dawn Hardy, Publicist

The success of Street Lit authorship has a lot to do with the hustle of marketing and publicity. The publicity aspect is a vital component of the entrepreneurial bent that allows Street Lit its high literary exposure.

Dawn Michelle Hardy is a literary publicist that will not be denied. Starting out working with pioneering author, Teri Woods, Hardy continues to evolve her brand within the publishing industry by working with independent authors within the urban literature genre and beyond.

Check out the article below, from XI Magazine, to learn more about the importance of literary agents in this social media age where branding is paramount for literary success. Authors under Hardy's wings know it well, which is why they work with her: she is a literary agent with years of experience and success in connecting authors with their readers.

Dawn Michelle can be contacted via her website at: dreamrelations.com.

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