25 October 2011

EPILOGUE: B.E.E.F. - Bringing Extreme Explanations to the Forefront of Street Lit!

Now that my book, The Readers Advisory Guide to Street Literature, is officially released and available for order, I'd like to draw your attention to the epilogue of the book that is very powerful. It is entitled, "B.E.E.F. - Bringing Extreme Explanations to the Forefront of Street Lit". This concluding chapter is the reprint of an intense email dialogue/debate between myself and young adult author, Zetta Elliott.

In this exchange we discuss the pros and cons of Street Lit as a literary genre for readers. We also get into issues of culture, identity, and equity of access. It is a very hot, intense read! As such, it is a very fitting conclusion to a readers advisory guide about a literary genre that continues to raise controversy and debate. Get your copy of the book today and enjoy!

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