16 July 2011

Zane and Street Lit: Strebor on the Streetz

We all know the amazing author Zane for bringing urban erotica to the mainstream, helping readers to feel okay about the fact that as human beings, we're like, uh, sexual. Originally a self-publisher of her own novels (Addicted, Sex Chronicles 1 and 2, Shame On It All, Skyscraper, etc.), Zane quickly rose to the status of New York Times Bestelling Author as well as a consistent Essence (magazine) Bestselling Author. In 1999, Zane established her own publishing company, Strebor Books International, that continues to publish dozens of authors "to make sure extraordinary voices are heard" (love that) in the genre of urban erotica. Strebor Books is now an imprint of Simon and Schuster.

In 2007, Zane launched another imprint, Strebor on the Streetz, which focuses on publishing Street Lit novels. I have listed, below, some of the titles on this imprint:

Larry just got out of jail and wants to live on the straight and narrow. However, his boyz are still living the life, thus eventually Larry is drawn him back in to the game. Meanwhile, Larry's lady love is conflicted with trying to keep her boyfriend's activities on the down low while simultaneously trying to build a promising political career. (Adult) 

A grandmother is raising her deceased daughter's children, and she's determined to not have them fall into the snares of their drug-dealing father. (Adult)

This novel chronicles the hard twists and turns of four teen friends growing up in the hood. Realistic, raw, gritty, coming of age story. (A/YA)

A Latino Bronx couple must fight both sides of their families in order to stay together. Their drug-dealing relatives are rivals, and they just ain't havin' it. This novel has a Romeo and Juliet kind of flavor. (A/YA)

A gay man falls in love with a thug who has his own agenda. (GLBTQ)

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