10 June 2011

Top 10 Street Lit Authors: UrbanBookSource.com

Urban Book Source published this list in 2007, but it is still relevant today. These authors continue to set the bar for the Street Literature genre. Urban Book Source lists the top 10 as follows:

1. Teri Woods, True to the Game trilogy, Dutch trilogy
2. Vickie Stringer, CEO Triple Crown, Dirty Red trilogy
3. Sister Souljah, Author of Coldest Winter Ever
4. Shannon Holmes, B-More Careful, Bad Girlz, Dirty Game
5. K'wan, Gangsta, Hoodlum, Road Dawgz, Hood Rat series (of which "Welfare Wifeys" was a 2010 Street Lit Book Award Honor Title)
6. Wahida Clark, Queen of Thug-Love Fiction
7. Nikki Turner, Hustler's Wife series
8. Mark Anthony, Diary of a Young Girl (2010 Street Lit Book Award Honor Title)
9. Treasure Blue, A Street Girl Named Desire, Harlem Girl Lost 1 and 2
10. Kwame Teague, Dutch III: The Finale, Thug Politics

Honorable Mention:
1. KaShamba Williams, Grimey, Driven, Platinum Teen series
2. Relentless Aaron, To Live and Die in Harlem, Bumrush, Push
3. Crystal Lacey Winslow, Menace, Life, Love and Loneliness
4. K. Eliott, Dilemma, Street Fame, Entangled
5. T.N. Baker, Sheisty, Still Sheisty, Dice 

To update this list a bit, I'd add the following authors to the Top 10:
1. Ashley & JaQuavis, The Cartel Trilogy
2. Joy Deja King, The Bitch series
3. Kiki Swinson, Wifey series
4. Keisha Ervin, Chyna Black, Hold U Down
5. Erick S. Gray, Streets of New York 1, 2, 3 (with others), Love and a Gangsta

I'd like to add these lesser known authors, who I believe deserve honorable mention:
1. Chunichi, Gangster Girl series, The Streets Keep Calling (2010 Street Lit Book Award Honor Title)
2. Deborah Cardona, Chained, Two Fold, Butterfly
3. Sidi IbrahimaFatou: An African Girl in Harlem 1 and 2

For the full 2007 article, go to: http://theubs.com/articles/features/top10.php

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