07 February 2011

Street Lit Resource: freshfiction.com

Fresh Fiction Street Lit page

I was chatting online with a colleague librarian today, asking about Street Lit titles at her library. She shared a good list of resources that I was already familiar with, but she threw in one resource that was a newbie to me, that I thought I'd share with you all.

This website is called: Fresh Fiction. It is a pretty extensive website that offers the latest titles in various genres. On their "About Us" page they state their purpose:

"FreshFiction is a web site designed to provide easy, accessible, and informative data to popular fiction readers on current authors and their available books. We specialize in genre fiction: romance, mystery, suspense, thrillers, horror, science fiction, fantasy, contemporary, graphic and action novels. FreshFiction.com consists of author pages, book pages, reviews, columns, blog, book reviews, news, and contests."

I'd like to add that within their "books" menu, they have a multicultural section, which includes street lit as a sub-genre. They don't have many titles listed on their Street Lit page, but perhaps they are just starting to build it, and more titles will be added as time moves on. We have to appreciate this effort though.

What I especially appreciate about this web resource is that they accurately and appropriately list erotica within the romance genre, and not with street lit. They list urban fantasy within the genre of fantasy. These are all appropriate assignations, in my humble opinion. This is the first resource that I have come across (print or electronic) where all things urban and African American are not automatically conflated into Street Lit.

Fresh Fiction is a good Readers Advisory resource overall, for all genres, as far as I can tell. I suggest checking out this website. It's evident that the authors and designers are putting forth a sincere and thoughtful reference here. My only wish is that their staff was as diverse as the titles in their database.

FYI: Stay tuned to the Street Literature blog - later this week, I will be posting an interview with Chicago librarian, KC Boyd, who is not afraid to say that she is a "lover of Street Literature for tweens/teens and adults." KC shares my passion for intellectual freedom for all readers, and particularly for Street Lit readers. Her insights about promoting Street Lit in a school media center will be well worth the read!

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