06 October 2010

My Blog Sounds Nice - Check 2

Hi everyone!

I just want to share my "goings on" for the past few weeks, concerning Street Lit:

1. I introduced author Zane, at the Free Library of Philadelphia author event, on September 28, 2010. She is a really nice woman. Very happy to have met her and have a chance to talk with her. While her work is not Street Lit, we all know that her work appeals to Street Lit readers.

2. I submitted the manuscript for the Readers Advisory Guide to Street Literature (ALA Editions). Regrettably, I will not be able to use the creative title I came up with, for search engine optimization purposes. It's more important for readers to find the book, than to say, "Ooo, catchy title." I so get that!

3. The PAALA Librarians Bookclub will be hosting author K'wan for its October meeting. He said yes! If you are interested in attending this book club meeting, kindly email me for more information.

4. Tthe Library Research Seminar V is happening this week, at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD. I am presenting my research at this conference, talking about Librarians reading Street Lit.

5. These are titles I recently heard about. You might want to check them out:
A Child of a Crack Head, by Shameek A. Speight (2009) - recommended by K.C. Boyd

Snitch, by Vegas Clarke (2010) 

BMF: The Rise and Fall of Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family, by Mara Shalhoup (2010) - recommended by my daddy :-)

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