07 August 2010

Necessary Fictions II

A girl is born to a drug-addicted mom, whose dealer happens to be her mother who is a drug kingpin. The grandmother is a popular, well funded drug dealer ... she supplies to local celebrities as well as neighborhood folk.

About 20 years into the game, the game starts to change from weed and cocaine to crack, and young thugs bumrush the grandmom dealer's home, puts a glock to her granddaughter's head, and asks, "You done?" At which, the grandmother retires from the game, and winds up back on welfare.

Grandmother hustles in the underground economy to make sure at least one daughter in her family gets up and out of the hood ... she sets her sights on her granddaughter. The grandmother raises the granddaughter, works hard to send her to college, where the girl eventually graduates with an engineering degree. She makes it out of the hood, marries traditionally, has the nuclear family, and moves across country. But the grandmom is still in the hood - old and alone. .... Real-life or Fiction?

It's a teen boy's prom night. He gets dressed, he's ready to take pictures and then go get his girl. Except, his mom had to leave real quick to get her fix down at the corner, his younger brother went to the bodega to get something to eat ... the only person around waiting to see him in his fine suit is his social worker.

When he comes down the stairs, he's all smiles, feeling good, feeling handsome, feeling himself. It's an important moment in his emerging manhood and he can feel it. But, at that moment, his younger brother rushes in, greasy from eating his chicken wings out the bag as he walked back home from the bodega. The boy passes his older brother and soils his prom suit. The brother is so angry he punches the 10 year old boy, who at that, marches into the kitchen, gets a butcher knife, comes back and stabs the teen boy in the hand. All of this takes place in a matter of seconds. The social worker has to take the teen to the emergency room to get seen and treated, his suit is ruined, the date is never called, the mother comes home and doesn't know what's going on, ... this is this boy's prom night. ... Real-life or Fiction?

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