16 January 2011

Your 2010 Street Lit Faves

Source: picsdigger.com

We're getting ready to put a committee together to discuss the best Street Literature books (fiction and non-fiction) for 2010.

Street Literature has always been about voices from city communities. As a reader of this blog, my question to you is: What was your favorite Street Lit reads from 2010?

From reading a lot of Street Lit over the years, and from talking with many Street Lit authors and readers, I can attest that what makes a good Street Lit book (particularly novels) includes at least the following:

-- fast paced, but well-written and -developed plot
-- well developed characters
-- authentic, realistic tone and language
-- some kind of moral or cultural contemplation interwoven within the story

Of course there are other elements that you might find that makes up a good Street Lit novel, memoir, or other kind of text. For example, you might have read a book that you feel redefines the genre - a book that was a new take on an established formula. Whatever "it" was that makes your pick your 2010 favorite, more than likely that "it factor" struck other readers too.

Please comment on this blog post to share your 2010 Street Lit fave (author and title), because your pick will be added for consideration for the 2010 Best Street Lit Book Award Medal. We're looking to announce the award by early Spring 2011. You can check our previous winners from my blog post, "Literary Bling."

So let's get started: what was your favorite 2010 Street Literature novel? Author? Poetry book? Biography/Memoir? Anthropology text? Reference title?

Please participate - and let us know!