25 December 2012

02 February 2012

Original Publication: 1946

18 December 2011

A Block in North Philly

15 November 2011
Published: 1960
Now available on for $45US

08 August 2010
Tire Swings in the Hood, Philadelphia, PA

25 July 2010
Introducing: The Street Lit Thought Box
01 July 2010
Taken in the backyard of a Philadelphia home.
I'm calling this one "in my hood" 

29 June 2010
I was in Nicetown this evening, at Broad & Erie, and took this pic because flava was in the air. Hip Hop was blasting, kids were dancing on the side of this Chinese restaurant, and everybody, young and old, was outside chillin' to the music. 

Black and Nobel Bookstore, Broad & Erie, Philadelphia
And they do exist, and are doin things. 
Check them out at:

This page will contain images that I take that I find interesting, informative, and/or raise unexpected questions for me.

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