19 February 2011

Slot Available on 2011 Street Lit Book Award Committee

Library patron left this stack on the table, January 22, 2011.
Greetings; there is one more slot available on the 2011 Street Lit Book Award Committee. This is a committee of 7 people who have a vested interest in Street Literature and would like to contribute to choosing the best books for 2010. We need just one more person!

This committee's charge is to decide on the Best Street Lit titles published in 2010 (and yes, in our humble opinions), across the following categories:

Adult | Young Adult | Tween | Fiction | Non-Fiction | Alternate Formats (picture books, graphic novels, etc.)

Following the model from my blog posts about the awards, I'm thinking we could offer this year, one medal award winner and perhaps 2 honor winners. Of course, this is all open to discussion and majority rule determination by the committee.

I posted some titles for contention via the link above, and some people have emailed suggestions. All of these works will be taken into consideration, as well as whatever fellow committee members bring to the table.

I'd like us to start this conversation and have a goal of coming to a decision by March 21, to announce the award winners with the dawn of Spring. 

The committee's collaboration will be done entirely online. So you can be from anywhere on the planet, and if you are an educator (teacher or librarian or library para-professional), or an author and/or a reading advocate for the literary genre of Street Literature, you are more than welcome to participate on the committee. Short bios on committee members will be posted to the Street Literature blog, once the committee is fully formed.

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